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Throughout the history of Bardstown and Bloomfield, a total of five Black City Councilpersons have been elected in Bardstown, while Bloomfield has seen the appointment of three Black City Councilpersons. Freddie Skinner emerged as Bloomfield's inaugural Black elected official in 1976, with Ernestine Lewis joining the Council the following year in 1977. Janet Graves made history in 2015 as Bloomfield's first elected Black woman. In Bardstown, Carl Anderson achieved the distinction of becoming the city's first Black City Councilman when he was elected in 1975. Notably, Francis Lydian served as the longest-tenured Councilman, holding the position from 1982 until 2016, and working alongside seven different Mayors. In 1998, Bill Sheckles joined Lydian on the Council and eventually became Bardstown's first Black Mayor. Furthermore, Roland Williams joined the Council in 2008, alongside Kecia Copeland, who became Bardstown's first female council person in 2014.

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